Mission Valley CEREC Crowns

Improve Your Smile’s Shine with Modern Dentistry

Using premier 3D dental imaging to capture a versatile dental impression of your current dental health, we work with our patients to examine their options and discuss the best treatment plan for their specific needs.


Our high quality CEREC blocs consist of a strong chromatic dentin covered by a translucent layer of enamel that is colormatched and expertly milled in our CEREC machine to look and feel just like a natural, strong tooth.

Same-Day Results

3D imaging software designs and crafts the ideal shape, color and size of your tooth in-office for exceptional placement of the new, natural looking dental implant into the mouth using the best in precision technology.

What Is CEREC Technology?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEramic REConstruction or CEREC) uses advanced CAD/CAM technology and digital imaging to design, construct and place custom ceramic crowns chairside in one, same-day appointment! Have you known a friend or family member who has had to wait days, weeks or even longer than a month for their restorative dental treatment? Popularly used in dental crowns and dental implants, CEREC provides exceptional restorative dentistry in a fraction of the time of traditional treatment methods.

Why We Love CEREC

CEREC allows patients who have lost one or more teeth or need restorative dental services (for teeth that may be broken, worn, discolored or misshapen) to have brand new, personalized dental crowns made and placed in just one appointment. CEREC is an advanced form of digital dental technology that allows patients to receive the care they need when they need it, without having to wait on a dental lab. Because everything is made in-house, our patients stay involved in the process and help decide the color, shape, size and fit of their dental crown before it is constructed in the office.

CEREC Benefits

What is better than knowing that you can restore your smile in a same-day appointment and eliminate the need for a temporary crown, second appointment or being numbed twice? Not only does CEREC reduce the need for multiple appointments per treatment, but it also saves you the discomfort of goopy impressions by using effortless digital imaging to create a comprehensive digital impression. In cases of orthodontic dentistry, our CEREC Omnicam will take digital impressions to be used for Invisalign in our orthodontic treatments. No matter when you need CEREC, our advanced technology will save you time and provide precision-quality, dependable results.

Specially Certified at New Image Dental

Our team has been using CEREC technology in our practice for many years, which has given Dr. Scott the hands-on experience and foundation to pursue and earn special certification in the industry. He is now a highly sought after CEREC trainer who helps dentists around the nation integrate this technology into their practices!

To find out more about how CEREC technology and advanced digital dental treatment methods can help improve your health and smile, give us a call at 619-457-6803 to find out more.


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