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Modern SureSmile® in San Diego

Dr. Leslie and Dr. Scott are pros in SureSmile care. Having helped hundreds of patients effectively straighten their teeth since 2003, they’ve seen it all and can’t wait to help you get the straight teeth you deserve, no matter your current dental condition. SureSmile is a safe and practical “clear braces” technique that uses custom designed mouth aligners to straighten your teeth. Hardly detectable for their clear sheen over the teeth, your friends and family may be left wondering how your teeth became so straight without the use of traditional braces.

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At New Image Dental, we do away with all the unnecessary waiting and rescheduling to bring you the dental care you need, when you need it. Our CAD/CAM technology will get a custom designed impression of your teeth in an instant, without ever having to bite down on a powdery mold. Contact us today to see where SureSmile may fit to your needs.

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