We love hearing stories about the postive changes we've made in our patients lives.

Arthur S.
Laura M.
Dental Check up
Gretchen N.
3D Technology

Great experience here today. They went out of their way to remember details from my new patient appointment phone call, call me by my name and took time to ask good questions. Front desk was friendly, shook my hand, offered me water. The dental assistant was thorough, did a great job informing me of everything he was doing, was joyful and just had a pleasant disposition. Dr. Leslie was friendly, descriptive, and again, took some time to get to know me. The hygienist did a great job, was gentle and communicative. A great patient experience, a clean, beautiful and up to date office and a staff that you can tell enjoys and are good at what they do- certainly signs of a strong and flourishing business.

We were looking for a dentist within our company and now I’ve been with the Strommers for over twenty years! They’ve always been very personable and understand their clients very well. My whole family: my kids, my wife, and us all go there and are very happy with Dr. Leslie and Dr. Scott! Even my son’s wife goes there! The staff is really kind and personable. When you walk in you don’t get interruptions and you will get to see the same hygienist every time, which is great because they get to know you and always ask you about how your family is doing and even how your pets are if you have pets! My wife loves to tell them about our trips, our vacations, and where we went. They know you, and you know what to expect because there aren’t surprises.

I think we all look at our smiles and want everything to look natural, never cookie cutter. You want people to say “Wow, look at that beautiful smile!” It’s ingratiating to have a wonderful smile people will compliment you on. Dr. Leslie and Dr. Scott are very thorough. The cleanings are out of this world. I can’t tell you how often I see that Dr. Scott or Dr. Leslie are taking the time to train in the latest in technology. You’re not just a patient to them, you’re more than that. Dr. Scott is always bringing you into the fold, extending his training and teaching to show his patients what goes into their health and treatments. He speaks to you and with you so you understand and follow the process. They are absolutely extraordinary in my book.

Cosmetic Smile Restoration
Sylvia S
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“Dr. Scott actually saved my life. I had not had dental work for many years when I called Dr. Scott’s office. They took me right in, Dr. Scott did all the presurgical work, and I was in that dental chair for five and a half hours. I don’t remember any of it! Even with all the stitches and work I never, ever had one deal of pain. He called me the next day to see if I was okay, and a few days later to check in again. They are the sweetest people. When I walked in and met Hillary I knew I belonged. Their staff is so gentle and they always have a beautiful smile on their faces. All of those people make you feel like you’re at home when you come in. They care about me, my mouth, and how I feel. Dr. Scott has the most skillful and gentle hands that not even my doctor has! The office rooms are immaculately clean. Dr. Scott is a joy!”

My family and I have been going to dr. Scott & Leslie for over 20 years. The whole staff is awesome, caring, and fun!

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